Blaze Match

Blaze Match specializes in the importing and manufacturing of promotional matches, utilizing our customer's corporate colours and logos. We offer various types of book matches and box matches, enabling you to choose the most suitable format for your company's requirements.

Advertising matches have become popular and habitual accessories for large and small companies. Promotional matches are effectively used as marketing tools by restaurants, hotels, guest houses, wine farms, bars, nightclubs, casinos, as well as promoting exhibitions, presentations and conferences.

Efficiency of promotional items, especially advertising matches as a marketing tool, is conclusive. Advertising book matches has no equal in it's low cost per view, making them the most cost effective advertising medium.

Blaze Match uses only wooden splinrts as opposed to cardboard splints. All our products meet the highest quality, design aesthetics, as well as EU ecological requirements.

We offer competitive prices, the shortest lead times and can provide you with an expanded product line to fulfill your company's requirements.